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A Tour of My Rule-Bending Minimalist Wardrobe

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Minimalist wardrobes and capsule wardrobes are one of the hottest topics in minimalism. The problem I personally have with the discussions surrounding minimalist wardrobes is they tend to present the idea that there are rules and qualifications for what is and isn’t a minimalist wardrobe. Granted, if a wardrobe is average or to be expected, it’s not a minimalist wardrobe. However; much of the discussion surrounding minimalist wardrobes focus on strict limitations. How many items a wardrobe can have in total, how many shoes, what kind of shoes, how many shirts, how many accessories. Like I discussed in my blog post ‘Minimalism has no Rules’, all these ideas for guidelines are nothing more than ideas. They’re a great way to start thinking about minimizing your wardrobe, and you can follow them if you wish, but they’re not laws of the land.

In my opinion, the most important thing…

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